Kauai Circles


Kaua‘i MKP I-Group Locations / Times

  • Every Thursday in Kapa‘a  6:30p.m. to 9:00pm

As a part of continuously taking a deep, honest look at ourselves, our lives, what’s working, and what’s not, the men of MKP Kauaʻi hold a meeting (circle) every week.

This circle is held outdoors all year round in a semi-remote, natural setting allowing each man present to show up and share his current concerns, worries and triumphs in a safe container of other men listening with caring, compassion, and understanding.

Meetings start at 6:30pm sharp and participants are expected to stay for the duration of the meeting.

Various areas of our lives are shared with the other men and the opportunity to work or share in the work of another man is made available.

Most circles in Kauaʻi are “open” (any man may come).

You are welcome to share and be heard. Just email warrior@mkpkauai.org or leave a voicemail at (408) 657-6982 and a Kauaʻi man will call you back.

Please plan on arriving a little early to meet the other men and to make sure you are in the circle before we begin.

To Find Out More Call (408) 657-6982 or email warrior@mkpkauai.org